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VAT IT01899250185

Registered office: Via Bidone, 45 - 27058 Voghera (PV) Italy

+39 348.46.32.252

Headquarters : Loc. Cascina Tranquilla, 12 - Voghera Airport – LILH 27055 - Rivanazzano Terme (PV)  ITALY

N 44.57.39 - E 09.00.75 - Radio frequency 123.00 VHF

Maintenance check list

Check the cell to be made as steps on the manufacturer's maintenance manual
(Typically every 100 flight hours)

Engine maintenance to be carried out periodically by the hand of an engineer certificate and authorized by the manufacturer.Bw uses, depending on the customer's preferences, different professionals both for interventions on non-certified engines (eg, Rotax) both certified aircraft engines of CNS (Ex. Lyncoming, Rotax)

Propeller inspection: must be revised periodically as indicated by each producer.

All revisions made should be listed in the booklet supplied; in addition to the review it is necessary to verify the deadline after which it is dangerous to fly. Consider also routine maintenance dynamic balancing.

Revision of the parachute: it must be revised periodically, typically every 3-5 years depending on the model, for assurance of successful operation as needed; to any revision, in addition to the shown on the label directly parachute, a paper certificate is issued. After three revisions, however, the parachute is expired, thus no longer serviceable.

The sprinkler system needs periodic review variable depending on the type and model installed on the aircraft.

We recommend periodically checking instruments on board


BW Flight Solution

The passion that distinguishes us is our strength
The attention to detail our arms
Knowing how to listen to customer needs and implement them in practice,

our satisfaction

We consider our shop a "surgery room" for airplanes where it is mandatory to stick to higher aeronautical standards is follow good working tools

to get the best result



BW is a workshop where you will find a highly skilled and professional team, fully dedicated to sports aviation market, working with the same passion for the smallest technical operations
up to the most challenging project.


Our added value is, for all SERVICES offered, the attention to detail both technical and aesthetic


Mostra altro

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